Pure Cigs

Pure Cigs are relatively new in the market but their affordability has got them the attention of many users. They are very similar in design to Blu, so the comparison between the two brands is unavoidable. However, Pure Cigs’s low price is what set them apart. Their Express pack costs a mere $17.99 and includes one  battery, one refill cartridge (choice of Tobacco or Menthol), as well as one USB battery charger. It makes a great option for people that want to give e-cigs a try but don’t want to spend too much money on the trial.
For just $35.99, you can upgrade to their Starter Kit G4, which features  two batteries, four refill cartridges, one USB battery charger, one wall adapter and a carrying case. The battery is available in Red, White and Black. Their Deluxe Kit G4 includes everything that is in the Starter Kit plus a Pure Pack, which is an important addition as it allows you to charge your batteries on the go and it looks like a standard cigarette pack. The price for a Deluxe Kit is $47.99, which is very reasonable compared to other brands.
If you are looking for a better battery life and don’t mind a bigger size and a design that doesn’t resemble regular cigarettes, the XL Starter Kit ($35.99) is the one to go for. It offers an superior vapour production and the battery lasts longer than the standard version.

Pure Cigs also offer the 30 day money back guarantee that is usual in the industry and their items are covered by a lifetime warranty.
In terms of vapour production, Pure Cigs provides an enjoyable amount specially with the XL model. The Pure pack that is included in the Deluxe Kit is also a must have if you are a heavy smoker because it will allow you to recharge your batteries anywhere at any time. They offer 7 flavours including two Tobacco varieties (Traditional and Virginia, that is a sweeter option), Menthol, Cherry and Risqué, which is a caramel inspired Tobacco blend.
Affordability is the strongest point for Pure Cigs and it is what makes them a convenient product to start your vaping experience. The product is satisfying, although the quality of the flavours is not as good as that of its more established competitors. Unlike brands like Blu, Pure Cigs’ refills are not manufactured in the United States, which can be seen as a downside for many. Still, it is a good option to consider if you are eager to switch to e-cigs but don’t want to make a high initial investment on your first kit.

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